The Board of Directors is seeking qualified and experienced members for the following Board positions:

    Board Secretary

To apply, please send a letter of intent and and bio to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  Board Director:


  • Is a member of the Board
  • Helps determine the organization’s mission and purpose
  • Develops and approves strategic plans and major commitments
  • Governs the organization by broad policies and objects
  • Acquires sufficient resources for the organization’s operations including participation in fund raising
  • Exercises overall responsibility for the fiscal affairs of the organization ensuring the fiscal integrity of its operations using standard business and management practices.
  • Advises one specific committee delegating the organization’s management functions, including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling to Committee chairs.
  • Serves as public ambassadors for the organization promoting awareness and good will
  • Length of term: 3 years with the option of renewal. Position may be renewed up to a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.
  • Setting the policy for the organization. This is done by creating or updating the mission and vision statements, determining the organization’s programs and services, and approving the strategic plan.
  • Monitoring the organization’s operations.       Hiring and periodically evaluating the organization’s executive director, working with and providing support to the executive, approving the annual budget, annual report, etc.       Approving major contracts and grants, soliciting and reviewing, program evaluations.
  • Serving as a public figure for the organization, doing fundraising, by directly donating to the non-profit and soliciting donations from others, and advocating for the organization.