The only accessories we wear and share with the military are our ranks and medals earned. This excludes the wearing of branch insignias. Rank is to be worn on both sides of the collar of the BDU and on both sides of the class A & class B uniform as designated in AR 670-1.

There must be a minimum of (3) different disclaimers (items) worn on the uniforms. The BDU uniform requires; the USNDC shoulder insignia, the USNDC branch tape and the USNDC beret flash.

The class A (green) uniform (our official dress uniform) requires (6) items. The non- US Army federal eagle brass buttons, the USNDC shoulder insignia, and the black plastic name tag which has USNDC on it either the 1 or 2 inch USNDC DUI and the beret flash. Officers are to wear the new USNDC brass in place of US or USA brass on the lapels of the uniform jacket.

The class B uniform has (4) items – the black plastic name tag with USNDC, the USNDC DUI, the shoulder insignia, and the beret flash. The white short sleeve shirt is also worn instead of the army 415 green shirt which makes this a disclaimer as well.