We use the US Army standard: Corps, Division, Brigade (Regiment equiv. for heraldry), Battalion and Company.

1. Corps (C) is our National Headquarters.

2. Division (DIV) designates a state. Occasionally we have more than one division in a particular state. In large states such as California , or Texas we may even have three separate divisions.

3. Brigades (BDE.) the next level down, are subordinate units within a particular division. Generally a brigade will encompass approximately five to seven counties.

Occasionally we will make exception and have brigades outside the given state under another division if ethnicity enhances effectiveness. We presently have four sizable foreign national groups who served as our allies during wars and conflicts. These now American citizens are: Laotian, Hmong, Cambodian and Vietnamese- and soon Korean. Each of these groups have a National Representative at Corps. (click on) Corps Staff Officers or Chain of Command (COC) chart.

4. Battalions (BN) are subordinate units within a brigade and will generally encompass one or two counties.

5. Companies are the smallest unit and subordinate to the battalion. There may be one company in a particular town. The company may also be a specialized support unit- i.e. CERT.

In keeping with the National Incident Management Plan we want to concentrate on establishing the smaller army levels of command (BDE, BNs) in numerous counties throughout each state. In this way we would afford those communities / counties the most effective, rapid response and support possible while providing another resource to the local EMO.