Ranks are awarded base on seven criteria;

1. Prior military rank and military experience.
2. Military bearing, etc.
3. Record or demonstration of command and leadership.
4. Professional and vocational experience.
5. Education and secular achievement
6. FEMA ISP, CERT and similar courses completed.
7. Service, TIG, efficiency ratings and dedication to duty.

Q: Are you people “wanna b’s” trying to “come off” as something you are not ?
A: Absolutely not. We follow a military structure and use the same ranking system as the military because it is understood by most and designates authority and responsibility within our organization. Other non-military organizations, i.e. police and fire departments use SGT., LT., CPT. etc. for the same reason. It is understood that these ranks apply solely to their organization. Even the VFW and the A.L use the title Commander.

Q: Are you pretending to be federal military officers and NCO’s ?
A: No. We declare who we are on our website, when interfacing with others and in the wearing of our uniform. Our ranks are the only external article worn that duplicate the US military. Our standard uniform is the Woodland BDU – not the ACU. We wear USNDC branch tapes not US Army. We have a shoulder patch that dosen’t use the US seal and incorporates a different shield within. Our beret flash is a multicolored and cannot be confused with the US Army or USANG flash.